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A quick hotfix

It has been reported that the program can’t start properly in some environments.

The problem seems to affect non-english system. I uploaded a fixed version here:

Download L5R: CM 3.10.0 beta 1 hotfix 1

If your’re affected by the bug, please remove the old version and download this one.


I live… AGAIN

Hello guys,

Last update was more than 1 year ago, so I bet you though I was gone 😛

I was not!

My real life duties had the best of my role playing hobby, I’m a happy father now 🙂

However let’s get back to business, recently I got some free time to dedicate to the application and in the next month I plan to release a new version.

But as usual I need your help! If you think you can fill any of the position below, please contact me.

  • Maintain the MacOSX version ( @neonbasschild are you still available ? )
  • Data-mining the “Book of Water” and build its data-pack
  • Data-mining the “Book of the Void” and build its data-pack
  • Beta testers ( need to be able to run the program from source, and submit issues to GitHub )

The next version will be labeled 3.10.x, and a lot of under-the-hood work has been done to make the program more reliable.

One of the compromises that I had to accept is that old character files will not be compatible.

Till next time 🙂

Small update

Hi guys,

I’ve released a new version of “Legend of the Burning Sand” pack, that adds nothing but a small fix ( an aphostrophe that might be misused by the program );

I also released a new version of “Emerald Empire” pack that adds the “Minor Clan Defender” advanced school.

There is more, I finally managed to automatically dump the contents of the packs into a human readable format! So without further ado follow THAT link 🙂

Contents included in L5RCM packs

As usual you can download the program AND the new packs from here


Google is shutting down Google Code downloads

This is unlucky because currently all L5R: CM downloads are handled via the Download Page of Google Code.

I love that page, because it’s easy to add new downloads, because I can see the effective number of download for each uploaded file!


Now I ( we ) have time until January 2014 to find another hosting. They do recommend Google Drive ( of course ) but they also admit that I’m losing the one feature I care about ( download count ).

I need community advice: do you know of any download hosting I can use?