L5R: CM 3.10.0 Released

Thanks to all beta testers this version reached enough maturity that it can be released.
The change list are the same as the beta, so I won’t list them again.

Happy download 🙂


3 thoughts on “L5R: CM 3.10.0 Released

  1. Thank you! You do good work and you do the good work. I am of course concerned About the future of the RPG. I have play this game since the beginning. I would hate to see it end. It has always had the best combat mechanics. This game still has game. D+D sucks its mechanics suck L5R gives the Player power. D+D you must beg the GM for every thing.


    1. No reason to be concerned. There is lots of game content, enough to play for years 🙂
      Also I believe that FantasyFlight will not kill the RPG ( they never did ) but instead publish some sort of Reboot or alternative 🙂


  2. In the Book of Fire package, the Crab Knife-Fighters are broken. The technique can replace Hida Bushi 4, Hida Pragmatist 4, Hiruma Bushi 3, or Hiruma Scout 3. In the package, it only lists the Hida school replacements and I don’t see one for the Hiruma. How do I fix that or can someone fix that?


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