L5R: CM 3.10.0 Released

Thanks to all beta testers this version reached enough maturity that it can be released.
The change list are the same as the beta, so I won’t list them again.

Happy download 🙂


2 thoughts on “L5R: CM 3.10.0 Released

  1. Thank you! You do good work and you do the good work. I am of course concerned About the future of the RPG. I have play this game since the beginning. I would hate to see it end. It has always had the best combat mechanics. This game still has game. D+D sucks its mechanics suck L5R gives the Player power. D+D you must beg the GM for every thing.


    1. No reason to be concerned. There is lots of game content, enough to play for years 🙂
      Also I believe that FantasyFlight will not kill the RPG ( they never did ) but instead publish some sort of Reboot or alternative 🙂


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