Released L5RCM v3.9.5

Another version has been released ( although the downloads may need some time to be available ).

So what’s the deal? 

  • When you save or export a character it will now propose the full character name as file name
  • Yet another rank advancement issue, mainly for alternate paths and advanced schools
  • Fixed a rare bug that prevented the character to be exported
  • Re-introduced toggable banner

Finally I released a preview of a new feature: NPC Export.

It’s simple, you just select two character files and click the button.

The former characters will be exported into a single specially formatted NPC sheet.

Since it’s a preview feature NOT EVERYTHING IS IN PLACE, YET! 🙂 bear with me.

But you’re welcomed to try it and report feedbacks!

Some data pack has been also updated, mainly the Stronghold one ( v1.2-fixed ) that feature the introduction of all ( I hope ) the alternate paths from the book.



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