Released L5RCM v3.9.5

Another version has been released ( although the downloads may need some time to be available ).

So what’s the deal? 

  • When you save or export a character it will now propose the full character name as file name
  • Yet another rank advancement issue, mainly for alternate paths and advanced schools
  • Fixed a rare bug that prevented the character to be exported
  • Re-introduced toggable banner

Finally I released a preview of a new feature: NPC Export.

It’s simple, you just select two character files and click the button.

The former characters will be exported into a single specially formatted NPC sheet.

First page of the NPC sheet

Since it’s a preview feature NOT EVERYTHING IS IN PLACE, YET! 🙂 bear with me.

But you’re welcomed to try it and report feedbacks!

Some data pack has been also updated, mainly the Stronghold one ( v1.2-fixed ) that feature the introduction of all ( I hope ) the alternate paths from the book.



13 thoughts on “Released L5RCM v3.9.5

  1. I’m unable to install the mac version. Is there some trick to it? I run the .mkpkg and it says:

    “The installer cannot locate the data it needs to install the software.”

    I’m using Mavericks OSX.



  2. I never get the dice rolls (e.g. “5k3”) in the dice column for any skills in the pdf output form. Is that a bug?

    Also when leveling up a tatooed monk from level 1 to 2 she did not get the body of stone advancement.


  3. Daidoji Iron Warrior with Air 4 still unable to purchase Iron Forest Style Kata. Possibly caused by school being described as Daidoji Iron Warrior(s) (Plural) while kata lists as Daidoji Iron Warrior, singular.


    1. datapacks are simple to create if you are familiar with xml files. start with extracting an existing pack using 7zip or winzip or winrar. then edit the manifest file. finally edit, delete or add xml files.


      1. Sooo…. where can I actually Get data packs to begin with? The program is useless without them and there is no information here to show where I might get the base pack.


      2. The available data packs can be downloaded from here


    1. Hi 🙂 When saving you can specify where to save the character file; For example the Desktop or the Documents folder.
      If you’re unable to save your character try to start a new one and save it right after you typed the name.
      Remember to save often and make personal backups so that you don’t lose your progression if you make mistakes.




  4. Hi there, I’m really gratefull for your awesome app!

    I was using for some time the 3.9.4 version without any trouble, but since I tried to install and use the 3.9.5 I couldn’t make it work on my Windows 7 32bits…
    I couldn’t find more installers in SourceForge.Net, so the only one available seems to be only for 64bits systems. I say “seems” because the error message that shows me when I try to run the app after installing it says that this program won’t work in a 32bits system.

    Can you help me?

    PD: By the way, if you are interested I can collaborate to translate to Spanish everything you need or want.
    Will you add in some time the “Enemies of Empire” data? In that book we have much more options, schools, techniques, etc, that nowadays you have not included in your awesome app.


    1. Hi there 🙂

      I’m glad you like the app. Sadly I no longer have a 32bit machine to build 32bit executables, also the time I was able to dedicate to the project is finished ( you know, day job, family, etc… )

      If you want to translate the App, you can join here but I don’t know when I’ll be able to publish a new version.

      However you can translate the datapacks by simply editing them ( you can rename them to .zip and extract the files inside )

      regards 🙂


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