Month: August 2014

Small update

Hi guys,

I’ve released a new version of “Legend of the Burning Sand” pack, that adds nothing but a small fix ( an aphostrophe that might be misused by the program );

I also released a new version of “Emerald Empire” pack that adds the “Minor Clan Defender” advanced school.

There is more, I finally managed to automatically dump the contents of the packs into a human readable format! So without further ado follow THAT link 🙂

Contents included in L5RCM packs

As usual you can download the program AND the new packs from here





Spell descriptions
Double click on a spell to get its description

a new version of L5RCM has been released with the inclusion of Spell Descriptions thanks to our user Samuel! 🙂

This includes a brand new Shugenja sheet and the ability to doubleclick on a spell item to get its description!

Core Pack 4.4 is needed for Spell descriptions to work.

Also the main menu is tidier 🙂