The missing monks

Some user reported that some Monk schools are missing from the Core Pack.
He was right 🙂

I released the Core Pack v4.0 that adds the missing Monks!

get it here: Download Core Pack v4.0


13 thoughts on “The missing monks

  1. Thanks, i find. Another issue, my monk during the game has reached the level 2 of glory but the program does not save the changes. Isn´t a bug?


  2. OK…I have been trying to do this, but it seems that the core book supplement does not have the Phoenix Alternate Path of Isawa Tensai, the Rank 2 Isawa Shugenja Alternate Path, in yet.


  3. has the tensai been added yet? i’m running 3.9.3. am i missing a pack somewhere maybe?
    also tattoos… unless i am doing something wrong (possibility) i can only get the bear tattoo. ???


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