Let’s squash some bugs

L5RCM v3.9.1 is out and brings some improvements but is mostly focused on bugfixes.

Affinity and Deficiency now stacks and can neutralized each other

That’s it, if you get more than one Shugenja schools the affinities and deficiencies will stack and compensate each other. So yeah, you can end with no affinity or no deficiency if you get the right match.

Selected Health method now influence how Health is printed on character sheet

I actually forgot something this obvious 🙂 Now it should be fixed.

Friend of the Brotherhood advantage doesn’t reduce Kiho cost

The title says everything; now if you buy “Friend of the Brotherhood” you became a member of the Brotherhood of Shinsei as far as the Kiho dialog is concerned.

Included missing fonts in the windows installer

This should fix the issue with the PDF weapon page not opening correctly using Adobe Reader. I delivered this fix on Windows only because I could not reproduce the issues on other systems.

Finally, Linux and MacOSX versions are coming.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to drop me your spare zeni 🙂


10 thoughts on “Let’s squash some bugs

  1. If I have the Book of Earth stuff in .xml, is that useful? I’m not really sure how the data packs work, but hopefully you can use it


    1. of course! It would be very helpful. I can write some conversion routine, it’s way faster that manually typing all the data.


  2. just shared the book of fire stuff i have, couldn’t figure out any easy way to do the kata (so i dint try), or make the hitsu-do path do its kiho thing (but its there)


  3. Something that came up recently..in the Core Book under the Lore skill, it gives a list of available Lores, then also states that it could be almost anything else. Is there a way to add the ability to specify a custom Lore? And designate whether it’s a Low or High. For example, I want to give my Scorpion Courtier the Lore: Poison skill, and designate it as a Low skill. The reasoning is that the Craft Skill doesn’t specifically grant the ability to have Lore about something that you craft, and for my campaign, my Courtier is only interested in studying poisons, not crafting. Not yet anyway. Thoughts?


    1. It is possible to add a New lore skill, if you know little xml you can open the skills.Xml in your data directory and add it there. Also yes you can make it low or high.


  4. Hi. Excellent program. Noticed that the kata definition for Iron in the Mountains does not allow for a Crane Daidoji.Digging in the XML I found the Requirement field tag and the family name tag for Crane Daidoji are not the same. (Core 4.3 pack) Everything else works great. Thankyou!


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