Month: July 2013

The missing monks

Some user reported that some Monk schools are missing from the Core Pack.
He was right 🙂

I released the Core Pack v4.0 that adds the missing Monks!

get it here: Download Core Pack v4.0


Let’s squash some bugs

L5RCM v3.9.1 is out and brings some improvements but is mostly focused on bugfixes.

Affinity and Deficiency now stacks and can neutralized each other

That’s it, if you get more than one Shugenja schools the affinities and deficiencies will stack and compensate each other. So yeah, you can end with no affinity or no deficiency if you get the right match.

Selected Health method now influence how Health is printed on character sheet

I actually forgot something this obvious 🙂 Now it should be fixed.

Friend of the Brotherhood advantage doesn’t reduce Kiho cost

The title says everything; now if you buy “Friend of the Brotherhood” you became a member of the Brotherhood of Shinsei as far as the Kiho dialog is concerned.

Included missing fonts in the windows installer

This should fix the issue with the PDF weapon page not opening correctly using Adobe Reader. I delivered this fix on Windows only because I could not reproduce the issues on other systems.

Finally, Linux and MacOSX versions are coming.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to drop me your spare zeni 🙂