L5R: CM v3.8.2 is live, together with CorePack v3.8

L5R: CM v3.8.2 is live, together with CorePack v3.8

This week I felt good and released a new minor version and an updated core pack with some fixes.

The biggest change is the new icon; I’m suck at creating icons but this one is better than the old one ( at least in my opinion 😀 )

l5rcm new icon



9 thoughts on “L5R: CM v3.8.2 is live, together with CorePack v3.8

  1. Just uploaded this and WOW its coming along GREAT! I am very happy to see tattoos in and the choice of other material now adding to the character sheet is wonderful.
    I have two questions:
    1. What is the tiger clan? I am guessing either a test clan or a home-brew which I think is cool.
    2. Will there be a way to add home made tattoos or older version tattoos ie the tiger (giving the monk claw for unarmed attacks but they can only speak in growls while active)
    3. Not being a program is there anything I can do ie type, fill in files copy paste ect that would help?


    1. Thank you;)

      http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?612060-L5R-4E-Imperial-Histories-Any-Questions/page3 here There is some discussion on the Tiger clan. I believe someone from the forum put that in the program.

      Adding tattoo is easy. From the program click on menu Data then on open data directory.
      Look for tattoo.xml inside the core folder.

      You can add your tattoo in that file. If you break something don’t worry. Just install the datapack again.


    1. I have a good start on some of these tattoos just let me know if and how to get you a copy.I will make a list of the ones I have added for everyone interested but its late now so I am off to bed.


  2. I was looking can spells just have a description added to it similar to tattoos so that it appears on the character sheet? If it can then I will start working on those next.


    1. Okay So I am willing to take on the following task if they can be implemented:
      1. Descriptions for Rank techniques, if there is a way to have them appear in the correct space on the character sheet.
      2. Descriptions for Spells, if there is a way to have them appear in the correct space on the character sheet.

      Is there a way to have the wounds add up instead of just how many points you have at each level
      Earth ring of 2 which means Healthy up to 10 points, and nicked up to 14 points (instead of just having a 4 in that total spot?) maybe under the options where user can set wounds multiplier.


      1. I believe that it’s possible to add those information to the character sheet; but right not I don’t have a plan regarding that.


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