Month: June 2013

What’s new in L5R: CM 3.9.0

Most of my development is made with a workstation with a 1080p screen; however I also use L5R: CM on my laptop that has a screen resolution of 1440×900.

900 vertical pixels, no more. That convinced me that I had to reduce the vertical space needed.

So I’ve removed the banner and the menubar, et voila 😀

But the menu was useful

I know that, I’ve not removed the menu, only the menubar and moved the menu under this “AppMenu” gear button. Like it?


As you can see from the screenshot I also added two convenient buttons to generate random male and female names. I’ve removed those 2 entries from the AppMenu, so It’s more compact


I’ve also added some new features, like 3 new health display method. I’ll let you try those.

But I loved the banner

Me too, but I love vertical pixels more 🙂 However I decided to implement customizable background image for those who have larger screens.

Last but not least…

One of the most frequent request is to be able to refund any advancement, not only the last one.
Actually this was also possible in past version but a little tricky. Now you can do it by selecting the advancement to refund and hitting the “Refund” button. Easy.