Month: May 2013

Google is shutting down Google Code downloads

This is unlucky because currently all L5R: CM downloads are handled via the Download Page of Google Code.

I love that page, because it’s easy to add new downloads, because I can see the effective number of download for each uploaded file!


Now I ( we ) have time until January 2014 to find another hosting. They do recommend Google Drive ( of course ) but they also admit that I’m losing the one feature I care about ( download count ).

I need community advice: do you know of any download hosting I can use?


What’s coming in L5R: CM v3.8

Screenshots say more that hundred words, so I’ll be brief:


Support for Tattoos, they’re now merged with Kihos. You can get them by clicking on the “Add Tattoo” button on the Kiho page.

Core Data Pack v3.7 is required in order to get Tattoos!

buy_katabuy_kiho buy_tattoo

Brand new dialogs for Kata, Kiho and Tattoos 🙂


Want to join a school of a different clan ? Press the “lock” button and get a LOT of schools in the dropdown.

Download link will be available ASAP.